My Top 3 Sounders Goals Ever

I tweeted this but I figured, since I have this blog and I haven’t used it much lately, I should expand on my thoughts concerning the three greatest Sounders goals ever — one of which happened today. 1. Djimi Traore Mar. 13, 2013 — In 2013, Djimi Traore, most well known from his stint as part of Liverpool’s 2004 – 2005 Champion’s League winning squad, […]

Can the Sounders go 10 – 0?

The Sounders are 3 – 0 and Schmetzer wants to go 10 – 0 to start the season, is it possible? Let’s talk about it. In terms of MLS history, the record winning streak is 15 by the LA Galaxy in 1998. Now, you can’t really take that as a comparable achievement to modern day MLS. Because in 1998 there […]

On Seattle versus Portland

Credit to Mike Donovan for his research, turning up two iconic news clippings. Reported in the Oregonian on Nov. 29, 1907 is the first mention he could find of Seattle and Portland facing off in soccer. Here’s the Seattle newspaper reporting on the same match, thanks to Frank MacDonald for sharing. The second clipping Mike […]

Let’s Talk About the Sounders

The Sounders have started this season off under the looming specter of injuries, a bit of bad luck and repeated poor decision making by players who should definitely know better. There are fans who are going to be mounting a #GarthOut or a #SchmetzerOut campaign. I’m not going to be doing that yet, and to explain […]