MLS Power Rankings — Week 1

Here we are! The new season is upon us and I cannot be more excited that I can watch MLS matches again. I wanted to sit down and do my take on the power rankings for the league, starting with the first weekend’s matches.

As always, power rankings are subjective. This is 100% just me talking for the sake of talking. If you disagree, I encourage you to go find a forum and post your objections.

  1. New York Red Bulls — While battling in CCL, they managed a 1 – 1 draw away at Columbus. I still hold them atop the league for my first Power Rankings.
  2. LA FC - Los Angeles FC stole the victory in the final moments of their game, and I think this team is going to be a real contender this season.
  3. Seattle Sounders FC - 4 – 1 at home. Sure, it was against Cincinnati, but they showed hints at what the league can look forward to from a healthy Sounders roster.
  4. DC United — Defeating Atlanta 2 – 0 is no small feat, and they deserve to feel very good about it. They looked solid.
  5. Atlanta FC — Losing on the road is fairly common in MLS. Losing on the road, while resting some starters for CCL, is to be expected. But being the only team shutout to start the season, especially as the reigning MLS champions, hurts. I’m going to dip their power rankings, and I look forward to being shown how wrong I was when Atlanta comes roaring back.
  6. Sporting KC — They looked good, going to get a point on the road visiting LA FC, only to have it stolen the last moment. Were it not for the upward movement of LA FC, Seattle and DC United; KC would probably be top 3 had they gotten the draw.
  7. Columbus Crew - Drawing NYRB at home is nothing to scoff at, but it also isn’t anything that is going to dramatically move the needle in terms of rankings.
  8. Portland Timbers - Playing in the coldest MLS game ever is an achievement unto itself. But a 3 – 3 draw against Colorado leaves me questions about their defense.
  9. LA Galaxy — LA managed to grab the win at home, and thus not bringing shame to their newly installed Beckham statue. But this team wasn’t convincing for me and has to work to solidify their plan going forward.
  10. Toronto FC — If you had asked me where I thought Toronto would be before last weekend’s game, I would have said 15ish. But their win on the road, with Michael Bradley netting a brace, has made me reconsider. Perhaps the remnants of the “best MLS team ever”™ might have more life than we thought.
  11. NYCFC - With David Villa in Japan, many wondered how this team would evolve. Drawing on the road is good. Drawing with Orlando is less impressive.
  12. Houston Dynamo - Many, myself included, expect Houston to rise in the league’s estimations this season. But drawing at home against RSL leaves me uninspired and not seeing their power rising. Yet.
  13. Minnesota United — If you had Minnesota winning their first game on the road in Vancouver on your bingo card, congrats. I didn’t. With their offseason signings I expected them to be more competitive this season (Ozzie Alonso in the midfield all but guarantees that for any MLS team.)
  14. FC Dallas — I had these guys picked as a winner in their first match. I was disappointed. New England are no powerhouse, Dallas should have dispatched them early.
  15. Philadelphia Union — Toronto surprised them and they never recovered their footing.
  16. Montréal Impact - One of the three road winners in week 1, theirs was over San Jose. I am hoping to see Remi Garde’s side form into a more convincing squad in the coming weeks.
  17. Chicago Fire — In many ways Chicago had the upper hand in their match against LA. They scored first. They led in shots, passing accuracy, and possession. But the Galaxy found two goals to take the lead. Also Ousted looked excellent this match, despite giving up two.
  18. Colorado Rapids — Drawing 3 – 3 at home against Portland. Perhaps Colorado are the sleepers of the Western Conference.
  19. Real Salt Lake - RSL struggled to find the net this game, taking 14 shots and only sinking one in the 93rd minute playing against the 10‐player Houston. They will need to do better than that this season.
  20. New England Revolution — Well. These guys managed a draw in Dallas after Carles Gil’s tying goal in the 57′. Gil is going to have to carry this team.
  21. Orlando City SC — Oh Orlando. Adding Nani should be a help this season, but you certainly aren’t looking like a major threat. Or a minor threat.
  22. Vancouver Whitecaps — They might as well be the second expansion side of the season. They are going to be rebuilding and might sink like a rock in the western conference.
  23. San Jose Earthquakes - Losing at home against Montréal, San Jose’s coach Almeyda said “[T]here is a light that is coming, and we’ll have to turn over and work, that’s the only way to get out of this situation.” I will be eager to see this work happen.
  24. FC Cincinnati — Welcome to MLS Cincinnati. You’re going to have to work your asses off this season. You don’t have owners who spend like Atlanta or LA FC. You’re much closer to the Minnesota side, and that is a fine thing to be. But it’s going to be a rough transition as you try to find your footing and place in the league. Have fun at Atlanta next week!

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