Around the Sound — July 28

This post is me picking back up something I’ve done once or twice before. Around the Sound is a wrap-up of the soccer that took place around Seattle, Tacoma, and the region this week. In this update we talk about MLS, NWSL, USL, CONIFA and EPLWA. That’s right, all of this happened around the Sound or […]

My Top 3 Sounders Goals Ever

I tweeted this but I figured, since I have this blog and I haven’t used it much lately, I should expand on my thoughts concerning the three greatest Sounders goals ever — one of which happened today. 1. Djimi Traore Mar. 13, 2013 — In 2013, Djimi Traore, most well known from his stint as part of Liverpool’s 2004 – 2005 Champion’s League winning squad, […]

On Seattle versus Portland

Credit to Mike Donovan for his research, turning up two iconic news clippings. Reported in the Oregonian on Nov. 29, 1907 is the first mention he could find of Seattle and Portland facing off in soccer. Here’s the Seattle newspaper reporting on the same match, thanks to Frank MacDonald for sharing. The second clipping Mike […]

The Sounders Offseason Thus Far

Ever since Garth Lagerway joined the Sounders organization, it has been standard business for the team to enjoy fairly quiet offseason transfer windows. We’ve made it a habit to sign DPs during the Summer, taking advantage of MLS salary rules and to boost the squad for the final push into the playoffs. So it isn’t anything […]