Watch These Matches: Dec. 26 — Dec. 30

Updated Dec. 28 — Added Rangers vs. Celtic for Saturday’s view­ing.

It’s an abbre­vi­at­ed week with only Premier League and Serie A in action, but I am endeav­or­ing to resume with my match rec­om­men­da­tions head­ing into the new year. So, let’s look at what there is to watch this week:

Wednesday, Dec. 26

  • Tottenham vs. Bournemouth (Premier League) — Tottenham are hav­ing a his­toric start to the sea­son for the club and Bournemouth are one match behind Man. United in the table. Tottenham are clear­ly the bet­ter side, but I still expect this match to be enter­tain­ing.
  • Watford vs. Chelsea (Premier League) — Watford is per­form­ing bet­ter than they have in a long time, just out­side the top 6 of the league. Of the Boxing day match­es this is the clos­est pair­ing in terms of rank­ing.
  • Inter vs. Napoli (Serie A) — Second vs. third in Serie A. Definitely a match worth tun­ing in for!

Thursday, Dec. 27

  • Southampton vs. West Ham (Premier League) — It’s not going to be a match between two power hous­es, but the pick­ings are slim for the 27th.

Saturday, Dec. 29

  • Rangers vs. Celtic (Scottish Premiership) — Initially left off this list as my go‐to resource for upcom­ing soc­cer match­es mis­tak­en­ly did not have it on their line‐up. This is per­haps the most excit­ing match of the day as it will choose the win­ner of the Scottish league, between the two pow­er­hous­es of the league.
  • Tottenham vs. Wolverhampton (Premier League) — Wolverhampton played Fulham, and hope­ful­ly won dur­ing the week. They are rel­a­tive­ly safe in the mid­dle of the table, but they need to keep push­ing. Tottenham con­tin­ue their push to try and over­take the top of the league, they can’t afford to drop points in this chase after Liverpool.
  • Liverpool vs. Arsenal (Premier League) — A clash in the Top 5! Liverpool look unstop­pable and Arsenal have shown they deserve to be in the top 5, can they show they deserve to be high­er? A win ver­sus Liverpool would do just that.
  • Juventus vs. Sampdoria (Serie A) — 23 points sep­a­rate Juventus in first and Sampdoria in sixth, so it’s unlike­ly they can catch Juve. But Sampdoria are still able to pos­si­bly qual­i­fy for the Europa League next sea­son if they can string wins and points.

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